About iBuyBarbecues.com

Orange County, NY.-based iBuy Stores, Inc. is a leading specialty online retailer and wholesaler of consumer home goods, lighting and plumbing hardware, installation service, accessories and supplies. iBuy Stores puts the customer first with the help of sales specialists, who take part in in depth training programs, with a huge product offering, including over 1.8 Million top quality, low-priced home goods, parts and hardware.

iBuy Stores's store streamlined program reflects the ever changing needs of both home owners and large scale development project shoppers: the website is easy to use and always current, there are plenty of sales representatives available by phone to help with any concerns or questions you may have, all items are shipped manufacturer direct right to your door to avoid long shipping delays and product back orders. iBuy Stores prides itself on providing qualified sales people and not just order takers like some other websites. Our company offers a wide selection of home products and detailed product specif actions on our Web site at www.iBuyBarbecues.com.

For financial or investment inquiries, please contact our main corporate offices at (845) 610-5093 and ask to speak to one of our corporate board managers.

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